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TIP #1:Never Lose Your Keys Again

No more searching the office for a file. We can scan your records to a disk with keyword search engine for review.

TIP #2:It's Like Having Daddy's Credit Card

Giving us a pre-set approval for custodian fees expedites the process. Don't worry, we promise not to shop at Neiman Marcus.

TIP #3:More Time To Do What You Want

We can research your record request at a low hourly rate freeing the paralegal for more important tasks, like finding your boss.

TIP #4:Court Reporters Get Hungry Too

In depos, don't forget the reporter when ordering lunch. They can't eat and report at the same time.

TIP #5:Pens Should Be Seen, Not Heard

In depositions don't repeatedly push in and out the tops of retractable pens. If you're that nervous, you should try yoga.

TIP #6:The One Second Rule

Give the reporter one second between the end of the answer and your next question. Otherwise, don't talk a mile a minute.
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Charlotte's Story
Give Wheels to Your Court Reporter and Legal Profession Friends
Give Wheels to Your Court Reporter and Legal Profession Friends Charlotte's Story

Our Cause

Reporting & Records. Simplified.

Charlotte's Story

Charlotte's Story
A company is the sum of its people and, like its people, is a living, breathing thing that takes on a life of its own. As do the people it employs, a company has a heart and soul. For us that person was Charlotte Smith.
"Charlotte always made me feel like the most important person in the room."

Charlotte SmithOur Founder

Charlotte started her first court reporting business in 1967 in an era when quite frankly women just didn’t often operate, much less own, businesses. Through her indomitable spirit, always-positive attitude and great eye for talented reporters and staff – more than one third of our employees have been with us 15 years or more - she enjoyed a 40-year career as a Certified Shorthand Reporter and business owner.

Records for Research

Sadly, in 2004 Charlotte lost a brief, but brave battle with breast cancer. Charlotte never stood still in the face of a challenge, nor will we. We want to make a difference in the fight against cancer. As a tribute to Charlotte and the more than 40,000 American women who lose their lives to breast cancer each year, a portion of the proceeds from each deposition and record purchase you make with us will be donated to cancer research. When you call us at Charlotte, you, too, are making a difference. Please join with us in funding research to find a simple cure for this complex problem.


Please visit our local charity
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Interested in learning more?
Visit The American Cancer Society website or
The Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation website

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