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TIP #1:Never Lose Your Keys Again

No more searching the office for a file. We can scan your records to a disk with keyword search engine for review.

TIP #2:It's Like Having Daddy's Credit Card

Giving us a pre-set approval for custodian fees expedites the process. Don't worry, we promise not to shop at Neiman Marcus.

TIP #3:More Time To Do What You Want

We can research your record request at a low hourly rate freeing the paralegal for more important tasks, like finding your boss.

TIP #4:Court Reporters Get Hungry Too

In depos, don't forget the reporter when ordering lunch. They can't eat and report at the same time.

TIP #5:Pens Should Be Seen, Not Heard

In depositions don't repeatedly push in and out the tops of retractable pens. If you're that nervous, you should try yoga.

TIP #6:The One Second Rule

Give the reporter one second between the end of the answer and your next question. Otherwise, don't talk a mile a minute.
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Charlotte's Story
Give Wheels to Your Court Reporter and Legal Profession Friends
Give Wheels to Your Court Reporter and Legal Profession Friends Charlotte's Story

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Reporting & Records. Simplified.
Charlotte's Story

We’ve sent out hundreds of free Charlotte-o-Meters that have not only increased the productivity, but also the popularity of legal professionals everywhere. We love the wheel, but don’t take our word for it. Read what wheel people have to say.


Client Testimonials

Easy To Find on A Clutterd Desk

"I love my new CHARLOTTE-O-METER!! And it works great!! Love the colors!! Makes it easier to find on my often cluttered desk!! I enjoyed lunch with Lynn, Sandra and Michelle. We look forward to working with you guys in the future. We will be in touch."

Connie C. Hickman
Paralegal/Office Administrator

Hope You Have Enough Wheels

“I just wanted to let you know that the wheels were delivered today and everybody is really excited about them! I received 5 ‘You Won’ e-mail notifications - meaning 25 people I referred had signed up to get the wheel. Hope you guys have enough wheels to go around. (Bad pun!)”

Maricia Parker
Legal Assistant

Out For Lunch

“I just got the gift card! Thanks!! And I will keep referring your firm as much as possible……
You all are wonderful!”

Cyndie A. Sanchez
Legal Secretary

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